Exciting News!

There are two exciting pieces of news.  In February 2016 the City of Onkaparinga voted to give in principle support to the Willunga Basin Trail for inclusion in the forward planning for trails. We see this as a crucial step for the progress of the project.

The other major piece of news is that a separate organisation has spun off from FOWB for the purpose of planning and developing the trail.  The new group, called Willunga Basin Trail Inc is regularly meeting and actively seeking funding for the commencement of trail development.

Please click here for a link to a map outlining the trail.

Click To view the Facebook page of the Willunga Basin Trail group

Click here to view our proposal for a 100 km hiking trail

Please note that the trail is still in has no official approval and this map is still a preliminary one.  Some of the route as indicated on the map is presently impassable or is private land for which no access has been negotiated. 

The map is for information only and is not for actual walk planning.  Friends of  Willunga Basin Inc  and Willunga Basin Trail Inc. take no responsibility for any person using this map for any purpose.

Some photos of explorations for the hiking trail

View from Louds Hill Road