Friends of Willunga Basin

Friends of Willunga Basin is a group dedicated to preserving the environment, biodiversity, beauty, and significant heritage values of the Willunga Basin region.

We have taken on a responsibility to ensure that the Willunga Basin is not overcome with urban sprawl and unsustainable development. You can read below about our Main Objectives and Tasks Ahead.

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Friends of Willunga Basin is a full member of the Conservation Council of South Australia, an affiliate of the Willunga Environment Centre, a member of the Southern Community Coaliltion and well respected by Local and State Governments and agencies.

View at Bowering Hill, north of Port Willunga. This area is under threat of housing development,
it is a key focus of Friends of Willunga Basin's actions.

We actively strive to:
• Retain natural and heritage assets
• Restore damaged ecosystems
• Keep housing within present urban growth boundaries
• Ensure planning precedes development
• Retain agriculture as the primary land use east of Main South Road
• Promote sustainable lifestyles
• Plan for climate change
• Achieve legislative backing for the above objectives

•Protecting the local environment as best we can from local and wider impacts
•Protecting the coastal zone, from Maslin Beach to Sellicks Beach. The development already underway is of huge concern and is causing enormous disquiet from many residents
•Lobbying the Onkaparinga Council and State Government for wiser future planning. Long-term planning is essential and, so far, the State Government and Council have been very poor at looking beyond a few years.
•Building awareness of the need for planning for Climate Change and Oil Scarcity, and lobbying for greenhouse pollution control.
•Defending the Urban Growth Boundary to provide planning certainty, and resist pressure for township boudary creep.
•Maintaining the State Government’s assurances that land to the east of Main South Road will be set aside for agriculture.
•Lobbying for the substantial buffer zones between residential developments and rural and conservation areas.

We need the support of many! We invite you to JOIN US to provide active support, political credibility, and funds to achieve our aims. If you have questions, please CONTACT US for answers.

Annual General Meeting 2009
We are pleased to invite all members and friends to our Annual General Meeting for 2009 on September 23rd. The meeting will be held in Waverley House, St Peters Terrace Willunga at 7:30pm. Our guest speaker will be Tina Adamo, the Principal of Galilee Catholic School at Aldinga. The school has a very progressive environmental focus in its education, with the ideal of building “connectedness” and appreciation for the environment right from the earliest school years based on a broadly applied principle of “respect”.

View of the Sellicks Range from Aldinga. This was taken at the site now occupied by the Sunday estate.

Contact Information
  • Address: PO Box 710, Willunga, SA 5172
  • Phone: (08)8556 2289 (David Gill, Secretary)or (08) 8556 2353 (Chris Davies, Chair)
  • email:
  • Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday each month in the Willunga Environment Centre, 18 High St, Willunga at 7:30pm. All members are welcome to attend,email or phone us for more information.

This web site is currently under development. It will be replacing our old site, which can still be viewed by clicking: Friends of Willunga Basin


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